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Crumbled love

Once upon a time, there were two walls. Their names were Bricky and Stonella. They were built together on the outside of a house. They loved each other at first glance and became forever inseparable. Literally. But after ten years, things started to change. Bricky’s bricks had gotten darker and started falling out. But Stonella had stayed the same and started looking at the beautiful stone fence differently. Slowly, Stonella stopped showing interest in Bricky and stopped cleaning his indents with rainwater. After a while, Stonella had stopped talking to Bricky and talked to the fence more. This caused Bricky to crumble; no one was taking care of him anymore. No one. Once the fence realized this, he no longer wanted to talk to Stonella, so she crumbled along with her Bricky.

I just really like walls


Sometimes, we like walls

Sometimes, walls are liked by the us of the world. This isn't an accident. It's very intentional - like intentionally eating a pizza, or intentionally eating a wall. Walls are SECRET KEEPERS . They keep nosey anteaters out of your room. They're STRONG SONIC BEASTS . It's like having your own armored noise-cancelling giant. See ya later, talking cars and fighting iguanas! They ABSORB . Share your thoughts, share your art. They can take it. They LOCK THE TEMP : Keep it hot, keep it cold. But mostly, they keep it! They're LOYAL FRIENDLIES . They won't walk or waver. They stand firm, like fresh celery! Sometimes we always like walls. Always, we sometimes like walls. But sometimes, we always sometimes like walls, always. This place is for the liking of walls. Welcome, walls. Welcome, likers. Like, welcomers!